Tenders - Raumplus


Name of beneficiary:
KAMEX Group Trade and Service Provider Limited Liability Company

Project title:
Competitiveness enhancement, image building, modernisation

Contracted amount of support:
44 681 031 HUF

Aid rate %:

Technical content of the project:
Thanks to this innovation, we can expand our activities with this confectioning service, giving our customers the possibility to process our products easier and faster. In the context of our furniture and building fittings trade, we were previously unable to offer customised fittings. With the new equipment to be purchased as part of the development, we are adding a new production activity to our company, under the activity 2562, metalworking. This will also boost our commercial activity, as our customers will be able to order customisation from us, under 3109 other furniture manufacturing.

Project planned completion date:
2024. 03. 11.