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Furnishing ideas for children’s rooms

There is hardly anyone who spends more time in their room than children. They play, laugh, learn and sleep in their rooms. The only problem is that they grow quickly and the demands on the room (have to) change with them. We want to give you a few tips on how you can adapt your child’s room and let it grow with them.

Below we give you three tips on how you can make full use of a room’s potential and still make children’s hearts beat faster.

The colour

Children should feel comfortable in their room. Therefore, it is important to choose a colour that appeals to the children but is not too aggressive. The rule is: less is more.

Often, colour accents are enough to create a great colour concept. Gentle tones help to relax and appeal to the senses. The world children see is colourful and diverse, and their imagination will light up any room.

The personal touch

Is your child a big fan of something? Good, then you can include this detail.

For example, you can personalise the surfaces of the wardrobes to match the theme of the room. Does your child love to draw and write? Why not integrate a sliding door with a blackboard? There really are no limits to a child’s creativity and we have the perfect room furnishings to let their personality run wild.

Storage space

Children own a lot of things. Their clothes, school supplies and toys all need organised storage. We can help you find storage solutions you didn’t know were possible. With these storage solutions, your child’s room will be organised and clean, and there will be more space to play.

Space is often wasted by placing furniture in the wrong place or simply buying the wrong ones. With raumplus systems, each piece is made individually. Our experts will advise you on the best solutions for your needs and enable you to optimise the space for your child.

Sliding doors, sloping ceilings and corner wardrobes are very popular and allow you to use every centimetre of your space.

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