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Dream dressing rooms: design ideas and inspiration for your walk-in style oasis

A dream dressing room is the desire of many people who want to store their clothes and accessories in a stylish and organised way.
It’s not just a practical space, but also a place where you can get ready for the day in the morning and express your personality.
We would like to give you some inspiration and ideas for designing your own walk-in wardrobe.
From planning to realisation – here you can find out how to create your own personal dressing room.

Planning and design

Before you start designing your dressing room, careful planning is crucial. Think about what functions your walk-in wardrobe should fulfil. Is it just for storing clothes, or do you also want to create a space for dressing and styling? The planning should also take into account the size of the room, the budget and your personal style.

Stylish room concepts

The design of your dressing room should reflect your personal style. Here are some room concepts to inspire you:

  1. Modern and minimalist: a modern dressing room is characterised by clean lines, neutral colours and simple furniture. Integrated shelves and wardrobes create a tidy look.
  2. Vintage charm: If you like the vintage style, you can design your dressing room with decorative elements in a retro look.
  3. Luxurious and glamorous: A touch of luxury can give your dressing room an elegant touch. Think about using glass shelves, lighting and gold or bronze accents.
  4. Scandinavian and light: The Scandinavian style is characterised by light colours, natural materials and simple elegance. This is a good choice if you want to create a bright and friendly ambience.
  5. Industrial chic: This style combines rustic elements such as metal and wood with modern design. Open shelves and black profiles can give the room an industrial touch.


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Van azonban néhány általános iránymutatás, amely segíthet meghatározni a gardrób szoba optimális méretét.

Space availability: The available space is the most important factor. A dressing room can be as small as a walk-in wardrobe or as large as a dedicated room. It depends on your available space.

Function: Think about what you want to do in your dressing room. Should it just be a place to store your clothes, or do you also want to have space for dressing and applying make-up? The desired functionality will influence the size.

Customised furniture: If you plan customised furniture, you can make the most of the available space. Customised wardrobes, shelving and storage solutions allow you to organise the space efficiently.

Walkways: Think about the walkways in your dressing room. You should have enough space to move comfortably between the furniture.

Light and ventilation: Also consider the lighting and ventilation. A dressing room should be well lit so that you can easily see your clothes and accessories. Good ventilation ensures a pleasant room climate.

In general, designers recommend that a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room should be at least 6-8 square metres in size to provide sufficient space for storage and movement. However, this is only a rough estimate and the actual size may vary depending on the factors mentioned above.

Before planning your dressing room, carefully measure the space available and consider how you can best utilise it. Also consider the type of bespoke furniture and storage solutions you want to use to organise the space effectively.

The realisation of your dream dressing room

Once you have planned and designed your dressing room, the next step is to realise it.

  1. Professional help: Our raumplus interior design experts can help you realise your ideas and ensure that everything fits perfectly.
  2. Quality and durability: With us, you are investing in high-quality furniture and materials that will give your dressing room longevity.
  3. Keeping things tidy: A well-organised dressing room requires regular maintenance. Develop a tidying routine to keep things organised.
  4. Personal touch: Add personalised decorations and accessories to give your dressing room a personal touch.

A dream dressing room can not only store your clothes and accessories, but also be a space where you can feel comfortable and express yourself creatively. With careful planning, the right room concept and customised solutions, you can create your own personal tailor-made concept for your dressing room.

Use the inspiration and ideas in this article to design and enjoy your own walk-in wardrobe. Dream dressing rooms are possible, and they can make every morning a special experience. Book an appointment now with a raumplus dealer near you.