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Tips for organising your wardrobe

We all want a smooth and relaxed start to the day. One of the first things we do after getting up is to get dressed.

Have you ever been in the situation where you are standing in front of your wardrobe and can’t find the pieces you need? We will give you some tips on how to tidy up your wardrobe and structure it better.

Here are some tips that will make your morning easier:


Choose the right wardrobe

The possibilities for putting together your wardrobe are endless. Whether you want a wardrobe with sliding doors or a walk-in wardrobe, every wish can be fulfilled. It is worth taking a look at your existing wardrobe to help you plan your new wardrobe. Do you prefer to use a clothes rail or do you organise your clothes on shelves? Do you use the right handle heights? The different comfort zones depend on your body size. Ergonomic access with optimal use is our goal. If you want to make full use of the height and also the less accessible areas of your storage space, you can install a pull-down clothes lift. The options for accessories are many and varied. In addition, always ask yourself the question: How much space do you have now and how much will you need in the future?

Declutter your clothes

If you own too many similar clothes that you no longer need, it can be stressful. Get rid of clothes that no longer fit and lighten your load. Sounds strange, but unused clothes are also unnecessary baggage that we carry with us. We recommend doing this twice a year. You can donate the clothes you don’t need or sell them on various platforms.

Sort by season

Your rain jacket is next to your summer dress? And your winter jacket next to your blouses? If you have enough space to store clothes for each season separately, then do it. If your wardrobe doesn’t have enough space, you can leave the seasonally relevant clothes in the wardrobe and store the rest elsewhere.

Organise your wardrobe properly, form clothing groups

When we tell you to keep jeans and T-shirts in separate groups, we’re probably not telling you anything new. Sort your clothes not only by category, but also by colour on the hanger or in the compartments, so it’s easier to find the garment you want. It also helps you avoid chaos that can quickly arise.

Keep your accessories and underwear separate in the wardrobe. A drawer with individual compartments is ideal for your sunglasses, belts and handbags. You can also hang the latter up. For shoes, we recommend the slanted shelves with edging from raumplus, which help to keep the shoes neatly organised. If you need to store ties, you could choose a tie rack, which offers neat storage.

Our last tip: With hatches you can hide things that don’t fit anywhere else.

With these tips, you are a big step closer to keeping your wardrobe tidy. To enjoy your wardrobe for as long as possible, good and proper care is part of it. We recommend using seasonal cleaning for a wipe through to keep your clothes free of dust.